Business to Shopify Plus

3 Reasons You Should Move Your Business to Shopify Plus Instead Of Magento Enterprise

Are you at this point: your business has outgrown your current e-commerce platform? You are receiving massive sales from international buyers and facing difficulties in managing their order fulfillment. If this defines your current situation, you need to move your business to an enterprise e-commerce platform. Such a platform will offer you adequate functionalities that will harness your enterprise level venture operations

When choosing an e-commerce platform, you have two prime options – Magento enterprise and Shopify Plus. Each of the two has its pros and cons. Also, each is fit for a particular priority in your business. However, if you are planning to transform your online venture into an enterprise, Shopify Plus should be your consideration. Here are the three reasons why it is the best idea:

Reliable and dedicated hosting

As you may be aware, your business online availability is dependent on your hosting provider. The provider determines your uptime and downtime. These factors affect your store’s productivity. If customers cannot access you, it means your sales will decline.  Shopify Plus provides you with dedicated and reliable hosting services.

Unlike in the case of Magento enterprise, hosting comes as one package with other features. Hence, you are save from hassles of seeking for a hosting provider which is essential for your business.

PCI compliance

Being PCI compliant is a central factor that determines whether a customer will buy from you or not. Sites that are PCI compliant have an assurance to the customers that their personal information is secure. They will not be the next cybercrime victims after using their cards to buy products from your site.

On Magento enterprise, you have a responsibility of ensuring your site has this qualification. Hence even with a great site and offering the best items, if you are unable to get this compliance, making sales will remain as a mirage. In contrary, Shopify Plus is PCI compliant meaning they are responsible for your customer’s data security. As such, you can be sure of increased sales and minimum cyber threats.

No coding knowledge is necessary

While tweaking the codes is a strong point for Magento enterprise lovers, it is a bad idea for people with zero knowledge of coding. Your overall aim as an entrepreneur is offering products and services to your customers. It’s not about your expertise level in web development. Shopify Plus understands this fact and offers you a chance to build your site without requiring any coding knowledge.