Magento Enterprise

Which Is Better? Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise

If you are not a newbie in the e-commerce field, you are familiar with Shopify and Magento. Both are leading e-commerce platform providers housing thousands of online stores. The difference between the two is Magento is an open source platform while the latter is a SaaS one. The two brands have come up with enterprise e-commerce platforms to cater to the needs of large-scale retailers and companies.

Shopify Plus and Magento enterprise are the top-ranking options you can consider if you are in love with the two leading brands. However, deciding between the two can be a challenging affair. Each of them works better for certain needs. Here are some of the things to consider in the selection process:

­ Flexibility

If flexibility is your priority, the Magento enterprise is a good solution. The platform has a flexible architectural design. This way, you have full customization opportunity. You can design your site based on your preferences and desires. Also, you can give your online store an appealing look by tweaking the codes availed.

In contrary, Shopify Plus is inflexible. It comes with limited customization opportunities. You must use what is available. For instance, no chance for uploading web templates from outside. So, it can be difficult to achieve a unique appearance for your store as your preferred template might be a darling for another webpreneur in your niche. So, Magento enterprise takes up the flexibility trophy.

­ Innovativeness

Innovativeness is a crucial consideration when choosing an e-commerce platform. With the dynamic nature of the e-commerce field, your store must be on par with the prevailing trends.  This aspect is only achievable if your platform is innovative. Considering the two enterprise e-commerce platforms, Shopify Plus leads Magento to innovation. It is the first plan to offer cloud hosting for enterprise level online businesses. Also, it is continuing to develop new features and functionalities to enhance your customer experience and productivity.

­ Cost

If cost is your concern, Shopify plus is the best choice. As a hosted SaaS provider, this platform offers you better services at an affordable rate. No hassles of finding a hosting provider or a developer to build your site. For Magento Enterprise, it is upon you to find your hosting provider. Since it is an open source, you have the freedom to find your best host and design your store as per your desires. However, this plan is a paid option which does not include the hosting fees. Thus, Shopify plus is more affordable than Magento enterprise.