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Why Magneto Enterprise Is a Bad Idea for Upcoming Enterprise Businesses

The best formula for failing online is selecting the wrong e-commerce platform. Having such a platform means that your business will be in a mess. It will not be available online. You will always experience downtimes and other challenges.

 Particularly, if your business is entering the enterprise level, you need a platform that will support your immediate goals. Some of these goals are to set up an online store and starting to sell immediately. When you approach web developers, they will advise you to go for Magento enterprise. Their ground for this recommendation will be that it allows you to modify the codes which are critical in standing out in your niche. While it sounds like an excellent idea, a Magento enterprise is a bad idea for upcoming enterprises. Here are 3 reasons why:

It is costly

One fact about startup enterprises is that they are facing a financial constraint. Thus, the primary objective is to operate at the least cost possible. In more straightforward language, cost-effectiveness is their driving slogan. Considering the cost aspect, Magento is costly for a startup enterprise. To operationalize your business, you need to pay about $20K as an annual fee. This amount does not include the setting up fee and hosting charges. Hence, you need more than $100K to complete your enterprise e-commerce platform and to host it.   In comparison, Shopify charges you on $2000 per month. The sum comprises hosting charges. Hence, you can affirm that Magento is not affordable for new entrants.

You need the coding knowledge to build your online store

In one word, complexity is a full definition for Magento enterprise. The platform is designed for developers who are conversant with coding. It is not for general users forming the large percentage of webpreneurs. For you to use the platform, you must enroll in a coding class or employ a fulltime coding expert. The reality of this platform is you cannot add or remove any extension or app without coding. Hence, if you are not a developer, this platform is a bad idea.

Requires heavy optimization to harness your site speed

As you know, your site loading speed is paramount. It is the determiner of your sales levels. Due to the coding factor, hosting your Magento based online store can be hectic. As each element in your site involves some coding, you require a host with heavy optimization functionality to ensure all your files are accommodated and your site speed is optimum. This way, you have to dig deeper into your pocket.

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